Blue Caves Luxury Villas Zakynthos


Private Cooking Class

Discover flavors of the Authentic Greek Cuisine during your stay at Blue Caves Villas

Private Cooking class, guided by our talented Chef. A home-style culinary journey through the creation of traditional Greek dishes using only the freshest local ingredients. You'll uncover the secrets behind these iconic flavors and learn how to recreate them in your own kitchen.

What to Expect:

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from the best as our Greek Chef shares insider tips, tricks, and family recipes passed down through generations. Explore the traditions behind each dish and gain insight into the Mediterranean way of life.
  • Fresh and Local: Experience the vibrant flavors of Zakynthos with the beauty of the finest, locally sourced ingredients, including fresh eggs, organic vegetables, and seasonal fruits from local farms.
  • Fun for Everyone: The class is designed to be enjoyable, interactive, and suitable for all skill levels and ages.

The cooking class and Chef service are free of charge; you'll only need to cover the cost of the food ingredients. To enjoy a complimentary cooking class, simply book your stay at Blue Caves Villas and then contact us to reserve your preferred date and choose from Chef's propositions


Book your holiday at Blue Caves Villas and discover the authentic flavors of Greece!